We are purebread UN-registered Bernese Mountain dog Puppies. We are from happy farm dogs with lots of space and excersize! Our parents are healthy but have not had x-rays and all that fun stuff because we do not come from breeders.
We've come from a big big litter and some of us are spoken for, but there are still a few of us left who need to go to good homes. We will be big dogs one day, and we need loving families who will give us lots of attention and have a big yard for us to play in. We have great personalities and we will be a great addition to your family :)
We are now approaching 6 weeks old. But we have already been weaned from our mom because our litter was so big she couldnt handle all of us. We are all healthy and energetic puppies! We will come with our first shots after 8 weeks... however if you have spoken to your family vet, and they say its ok for us to come home early then you can take us at 7 weeks because we are already weaned. If this is the case our price will be 50$ less to cover the cost of our first shots. This is just in time for Christmas!
Our mom and dad are beautiful Bernese mountain dogs. Koda is our dad, he is huge and energetic... he has beautiful markings. And our mom Kokanee, is a smaller mama who is sweet, beautiful and quiet. She has been a great mama to all of us puppies when we are so much trouble :)
Please contact us if you'd like to come see us and take one of us home. Our owners are taking deposits to hold choice of a male or female puppy.
Hope to see you soon!