hello everyone!
My name is Lisa and i have to give away my cat, Jazz (from transformers lol), to a GOOD HOME!
Jazz is a Domestic LongHaired dark brown and marble tabby.he is fixed, and tattooed. he is very well behaved and very good with children and babys. my daughter can literally do anything to him and he wont hurt her. she sits on him, cuddles him, tries to pick him up, pulls on his furr.jazz is friendly, cuddly and he listens to his name well. he still likes to play like he was a kitten but can b lazy lol. hes never been outdoors a day in his life. ive kept him an indoor cat. he is also good with having baths! Jazz's meow can b so faint at times that it sounds like hes making a little hiss, but i swear its just a meow! im not sure if he will do good with other animals...
The reason why i have to give him away is because my daughter has eczema and its getting worse and worse. ive been going to the doctor over and over and finally i said i had a long haird cat and the doc said that my cat was the problem because of cat dander. he told me to get rid of the cat asap, throw away all gabriella's clothes, blankets ect, and get new ones once the cat is gone. i also have to clean the carpets and dry clean the curtins. if gabriella didnt have eczema there is no way i would get rid of jazz. he is the best cat!

i will sell all his stuff for $20... i am going to put the money towards getting the carpets cleaned. plus if he is going to b in a new GOOD HOME, he will want to have his scent in the new house, it makes cats feel more comfortable.
-any cat litter left
-any food left
-cat litter box with lid
-arm and hammer litter oder control (u sprinkle it into the litter)
-food and water dishes (ive got 3, one for dry food, one for wet canned food, and one for water)
-a traveling cage (which u will deffinitaly need when u take him home..hes not so good with car rides..he will probably meow most of the ride, so its best to just keep him in the cage)
-a small scratch post
-cat nip...which ive never given him..it was given to me and i never used it.
-all his papers-which u will get no matter what!

please give me a call if you're interested!! he has to go asap for the health of my daughter...thanks for your time :)

house: 403-865-
cell: 403-877-
email: mailto:l.bellerose@hotmail.com